Loren Kiyoshi Dempster
Sitting on the block soloBreathe Underwater Cello Rehearsal Moalboal Night Sketches"Below"Music From 2125 Stanley Street VPL 9 152125 Stanley Street - Video ExcerptsMusic from 2125 Stanley Street Resident Artists Re-assembledThree Point PerspectiveSonic Barrier, Part IIWhen Gravity FailsMusic from VEALVeal "Lyre"Veal -Video ExcerptsMusic From Species Niches 2Species Niches"Pharmacophore"
Harrison Atelier
Music from AnchisesAnchises - Video ExcerptsA Show of ForceGlass JawLobbytopCherry Hill ParkWho Knows Yet 
Circuitous Body
Transition to Clearing
Danger Among FriendsTranquility and the Revolution The BeastA Spontaneous Tribute to Pauline OliverosThirst- 02 What is This ForestResident Artists Assembled "The Splits: Red/ Blue"
Jane Benson
EyesTonalization (for the afterlife)
Composed by Dan JosephOn Vanishing"BIPED" 
Merce Cunningham Dance Company
Loren Kiyoshi Dempster uses a combination of cello, computer, electronics, composition, improvisation, notated scores, and world music influences to create and perform music. He is deeply interested in the relationships between movement, space, and sound, and has created and performed music with many collaborators, including Trio Tritticali,
Harrison Atelier, Chris Ferris, projectLIMB, Dahlia Nayar, and Margaret Paek. He has also toured with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company. Recently moved to Appleton, WI from Queens, NY, Dempster has taught as a guest artist at Renaissance High School for the Arts, and has performed at Wriston Art Gallery, Science Atrium and Esch Studio at Lawrence University.