Performer - Gabriel Forestieri

Music created by - Loren Kiyoshi Dempster and Stuart Dempster

Gabriel Forestieri's description:

"This piece shows the current nature of my process, in which the space becomes a major collaborator with the choreographer. Where qualities, cues, inspirations are all gathered from the limitless influences of the space itself. The work is an even mix of set and un set, giving room for life as it is encountered in that moment to come in. It is a celebration of the ephemeral nature of performance, the body, and dance especially. There also elements of worship and ritual to it. The music and the devotional quality of the dancing move at times toward the spiritual, even though the space is more like an industrial afterthought. A main goal was to uncover the sacredness, the foundational nature of this strange rooftop lobby and share that through Dance/Being."